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Rijeka – Croatia

On cruises to Rijeka, Croatia, you’ll quickly discover the charm of the country’s third-largest city, which is known as an industrial hub and a port town. While not as glamorous as the polished destinations you’ll visit on European cruises, Rijeka is full of surprises and delights nonetheless. Don’t miss an afternoon spent visiting historic sites, like the National History Museum or St. Vitus Cathedral, where you’ll get a new understanding of Croatian life and culture.

Gaze up at the banana-yellow City Clock Tower in Old Town, which has been in working condition since 1873. Live like a local and check out the fish market, where fresh catches from the Adriatic could very well be your next meal. If you’re looking for something a little more active to do in Rijeka, there’s an abundance of watering holes for swimming, and the Adriatic is a cool, ideal playground for windsurfing. Lose yourself along the promenade in Korzo, walking toward the sunset, or find a relaxing cafe to sit and reflect on your travels. Whatever your mood, Rijeka welcomes all.

Top Sights & Attractions

St. Vitus Cathedral
Not to be confused with the cathedral of the same name in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral in Rijeka is a Jesuit church that has been standing since the 17th century. This classically Croatian structure was built in a baroque style with an evident Mediterranean influence. Architecture and history lovers shouldn’t miss out on a quick tour.

City Clock Tower
The bright yellow City Clock Tower is a lasting monument of Rijeka and one of the town’s most memorable sights. It’s close to the water, so you can stroll the promenade after you admire it while you wait to hear the bell tower ring.

Natural History Museum
You might not think of natural history as particularly exciting, but you haven’t been to the Natural History Museum at Rijeka yet. Devoted to the marine species of the Adriatic, there’s a special focus on sea life here, and even an aquarium. Stop in the top-notch botanical garden before you go.

Top Things to Do in Rijeka

Tour the Planetarium
On Rijeka cruises, a stop at the Astronomical Center will remind you to always look up toward the stars. This observatory and planetarium, housed in an old World War II military fort, now screens nature films and offers ample opportunities to stargaze. There’s even a stargazing session in English catered just for travelers passing through town.

Go Windsurfing
If you’re searching for more adventurous activities while you’re on Rijeka cruises, an afternoon of windsurfing along the Adriatic just might do the trick. It’s the perfect combination of adventure sports and sightseeing along the beautiful blue sea.

Shop at the Fish Market
Local markets have been in operation for over 100 years, and many of the vendors are particularly happy to share their stories with you when you come to the area on Rijeka cruises. The market is open daily and offers an abundance of fish for sale, as well as fruits, vegetables, fresh bread, and other goods.

Rijeka, a primary port city in Croatia, and a Mediterranean Cruises destination, delivers glorious views over Kvarner Bay. A favourite pick among visitors thanks to its fantastic weather and gorgeous beaches, the city also boasts a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

Krk, the Island of Wine
Zagreb: Past and Future
Trsat Heights and Castle

Almost touching the coastline of Croatia is the vast island of Krk. This Cruise excursion begins with a tour of the town’s centre, where you’ll discover Mediterranean-style streets, Venetian and Austrian buildings, and a 5th-century cathedral with a characteristic bell tower. Enjoy some free time browsing the local shops before heading off on a short coach ride to the medieval town of Vrbnik, perched upon a rocky cliff. This is the perfect setting to relish a glass of regional wine in a local family restaurant.

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is a historical town boasting Romanesque, Gothic, Italian Renaissance, and Austro-Hungarian traits. It encompasses three separate areas: charming Kaptol, the 19th-century Lower Town, and the medieval Gradec. Explore this fascinating city on a Cruise excursion with a walking tour of the principal sights. Discover the Gothic Cathedral, Mirogoj Cemetery park, and the lively Dolac farmer’s market.

Take a Cruise excursion to the beautiful hilltop location of Trsat and visit the famous Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Discover the Fransiscan monastery and the imposing Trsat Castle which overlooks the river Rječina. Next, arrive at the splendid resort of Opatija, home of the first sailing club on the Croatian coast. This seaside town was the location of magnificent holiday villas for European aristocrats at the beginning of the 20th-century, many of which can still be seen today.