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Looking at a map of Europe, you might be forgiven for missing Kotor — a tiny port in the already-tiny country of Montenegro. But from the moment your Kotor cruise docks, you’ll enter a larger-than-life world of mighty forts and towering sea cliffs, the air filled with the refreshing smell of the ocean. With a Montenegro cruise, you can explore the attractions inside Kotor’s fortified Old City, one of the Mediterranean’s best-preserved medieval towns. Don’t miss the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, an ornate church first consecrated in 1166. Then, scale St. John’s Fortress — the hilltop fortifications, dating back to the 6th century, offer the best views of the city, the harbor and the surrounding mountains.


After entering through the Sea Gate, which dates back to 1555, discover all the attractions inside Kotor’s compact Old Town. Say your prayers at the 11th-century St. Tryphon’s Cathedral or in front of St. Nicolas Church, one of Kotor’s best examples of Orthodox architecture. Alternatively, learn about the long history of seafaring in this important port at the Maritime Museum, which is housed within a Baroque-era palace.

Want to get your blood pumping? Hike up the Fortifications of Kotor, a serpentine wall and UNESCO World Heritage site that protected Kotor during its violent past. Reaching the top, which not only affords you a panorama of Kotor Bay but also the iconic Church of Our Lady of Health, takes about an hour if you hike at a moderate pace. Follow signs throughout the Old Town to find the trail head, or simply ask a friendly local.

Want to enjoy a great view of Kotor and not get winded? Take a taxi or public bus across the bay to Prcanj, where you can see Kotor (and the fortifications rising above it) from across Kotor Bay with your Montenegro cruise. If the water is calm, you’ll notice in its reflection that the Fortifications of Kotor form a heart shape — that should make for a worthy photo.

Not surprisingly, seafood is the star of the culinary show in Kotor. Head to the Old Town to enjoy Montenegrin dishes like octopus salad or mussels stew. Or seek out the local favorite “black risotto,” named for the color it takes from the ink of the cuttlefish that flavors the dish.

Shop a quirkier take on traditional Kotor souvenirs with a visit to Cats of Kotor, which features cat-themed Montenegro keepsakes. Cruise to Montenegro and stop in at Efesya Souvenir, where you can explore handmade ceramics, jewelry, lighting fixtures and textiles made by artisans from in and around Kotor.

Kotor is one of the most atmospheric medieval towns on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, set against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains. It’s an attractive Mediterranean Cruises destination for those with a love of history and architecture. Glimpse ancient churches, an array of rustic palaces, and a maze of streets and squares. Kotor is also a gateway for other extraordinary Montenegro destinations, such as the stunning town of Perast.

Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

Cathedral of St. Tryphon
The Elegant Town of Perast
Blue Cave

Discover Kotor and Montenegro on a fascinating Cruise excursion. A medieval city crowned a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kotor boasts ancient lanes and atmospheric squares. Visit the 12th-century Cathedral of St. Tryphon with its Baroque bell towers, Romanesque interior, and Byzantine-style frescoes. Then, take a coach tour to glorious Grbalj Valley for a farm-made brandy tasting. End the day with a glass of wine, samples of organic produce, and a live performance by local musicians. Don’t miss Kotor’s incredible fortification system on the drive back to port, showcasing ancient citadels, gates, and ramparts.

Perast, a short distance from Kotor, makes for an unforgettable Cruise excursion. Stroll through the streets of this picturesque town and marvel at its historical churches and Baroque palaces. Take a leisurely boat ride across Boka Bay to see Our Lady of the Rocks, a tiny island imbued with myths. Then, finish the day with a visit to the 20th-century church of St Nicholas, with its impressive bell tower and golden crosses.

Pleasurable hours await you at sea on a Cruise excursion to the magnificent Blue Cave. Board a fibreglass boat and take in spectacular views as you zip across the bay. Glimpse tiny islands and peaceful villages perched atop the hilly coastline, before entering the mysterious ‘Blue Grotto’ — a natural wonder filled with sunlight. Marvel at the water’s extraordinary shades of blue before taking a dip or diving below. Finally, unwind at Zenjice Beach for a waterside drink and a stroll.