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Thick 16th-century stone walls encase the entire Old Town of Dubrovnik. But there are no boundaries on the endless adventures you’ll discover among its orange-roofed ramparts. With a made-for-TV appeal— Game of Thrones was actually filmed here— the city commands your attention with the perfectly preserved Rector’s Palace, elaborate Onofrio’s Fountain, and baroque St. Blaise’s Church, named after the city’s patron saint. You can browse museum collections showcasing Croatian artwork, period furniture and shipbuilding traditions. Stand in awe of the Franciscan Monastery library’s 30,000 volumes. Or to get your heart pumping, go cliff diving into the sea and kayak crystal blue waters, with the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ shimmering in the distance.


Take a stroll through the walled-in Old Town to discover a wealth of well-preserved landmarks. Walk across the Pile Gate’s drawbridge and get lost in the buzz of the limestone-paved Stradun. Then glimpse historic churches, medieval sculptures, impressive forts and St. Luke’s Tower watching over the harbor.

The summit of Mount Srđ delivers the best views in town. Climb winding footpaths (a 90-minute walk from Old Town) or relish a thrilling three-minute cable car ride to the top. Here you can browse museum exhibits housed in 19th-century Fort Imperial and enjoy lunch overlooking the city.

Soak up Croatia’s picturesque beaches and aquatic adventures in the deep-blue Adriatic Sea. Relax along the pebbled shoreline of Banje Beach. Go scuba diving around the sunken Taranto merchant ship— or hop on a ferry to nearby Lokrum, a serene offshore island with a monastery, fortress and beaches offering panoramic views of Dubrovnik.

Old Town is packed with seafood restaurants, while Stradun offers a string of outdoor cafés. For regional Dalmatian dishes try pašticada (beef stew), peka (baked meat and vegetables), or zelena menestra (green stew). Slurp down briny oysters from the Pelješac Peninsula or satisfy your sweet tooth with rožata custard pudding. Then take a strong sip of rakija (fruit brandy) to cap off the night.

Stradun satisfies all your souvenir needs. Or you can stop by local artisan shops for handmade linens. The necktie was supposedly invented in Croatia, and the Franciscan Monastery sells hand cream made from ancient recipes. You can also buy olive oil from the island of Brač or jewelry featuring Adriatic coral and pearls.

The city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located on the southern coast of Croatia, overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
This Mediterranean Cruises destination boasts a treasure trove of sights including a 16th-century old town and romantic limestone streets. See Gothic-Renaissance Rector’s Palace or wander along the city’s ancient clifftop walls. Further afield, you’ll find a host of natural wonders including some of the most enchanting caves in the world.

Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

The Rector’s Palace
Coastal Sailing and Beach Break
Modra Spilja Cave

Dubrovnik looks like a city suspended in time and a Cruise excursion offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its ancient splendour. The atmospheric old town was a major setting in the popular TV show Game of Thrones, thanks to its fantastical ornate architecture. Wander the streets and see the Cathedral of the Assumption and its regal interior adorned with Venetian paintings. Then, move on to Rector’s Palace, a princely jewel, dating all the way back to the 15th century. Continue the tour at the Franciscan Church and Monastery and take in its Romanesque-Gothic beauty. Then, enjoy some free time in the heart of old town where you can shop, dine, and wander.

Cruises excursions offers you the chance to sail around verdant Lokrum Island and the beautiful Elaphiti archipelago on a catamaran tour and beach break. Take in the spectacular views of Dubrovnik’s ancient old town, its iconic walls, and the 11th-century Fort Lovrijena. Cruising towards stunning Lapad Bay, you’ll marvel at the deep blue-green of the Adriatic Sea. There, you’ll enjoy time to swim in the crystal clear waters, relax under an umbrella, or work up a tan on the beach.

Enjoy an exciting outing on a Cruise excursion from the peninsula of Lapad. Delight in seeing Dubrovnik’s historical old town from the sea as you sail towards the glamorously remote island of Kolocep. Dive into the water for a heavenly snorkelling experience in the awe-inspiring Modra Spilja (Blue Cave). Finally, arrive at the beach of Donje Celo, where you can admire the views, relax on the sand, or swim in the picturesque bay.


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