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Cartagena greets you with its ancient Mediterranean port on Spain’s southeastern coast. Originally governed by the Carthaginians and subsequently by the Romans, Arabs and Castilians, this pedestrian-friendly city is a history buff’s dream port. Visit the 2,000-year-old Roman Theatre and the attached museum, where you’ll find an ancient altar to Jupiter and a statue of Apollo. Then, check out the late 19th-century modernist architecture of Cartagena’s historic center. Cruises to Cartagena, Spain allow you to stroll down blue-marble-tiled pedestrian-only Calle Mayor. Or take the 30-minute drive to the Batteria de Castillitos, a medieval-style fortress situated among the picturesque mountain landscape.


Check out Cartagena’s ancient Roman Theater — built in the first century A.D. and only uncovered in 1987, it’s since been reconstructed. Duck into its museum, which passes beneath a palace and a church before it reaches the theater.

The 18th-century castle called Concepcion Castle sits on a hill facing Cartagena. Walk uphill to visit the castle and its history center, or catch the lift at Calle Gisbert for amazing panoramic views en route.

For all its ancient allure, Cartagena also has Modernist architecture, which you can see along the Calle Mayor area. One example is the home of Cervantes, designed by a local Cartagena architect. Check out the Casino, the Gran Hotel and the railway station for more examples of this exuberantly gaudy style with your Spain Cruise.

In Cartagena, you’ll find authentic Mediterranean dishes featuring fresh-caught seafood, like lightly tempura-battered fried squid. Red prawns from the Mar Menor lagoon and fig bread are local delicacies. Explore off the main tourist streets and hit a tapas bar for tasty fare such as Serrano ham, toasted Cartagena almonds and cracked local olives.

The clean, pedestrians-only shopping street Calle Mayor is an easy walk from the port and has the high-street stores of England and Spain. An El Corte Ingles department store and restaurants are housed in gorgeous buildings. Look for ceramics and leather goods in interesting boutiques and shops when you cruise to Cartagena, Spain.

Set amid mountainous landscapes, the port of Cartagena, Spain is a Mediterranean Cruises destination. Founded by the Carthaginians around 220 B.C., the city is known for its fabulous harbour, beautiful buildings, ancient ruins, and cultural heritage. Discover a wealth of Art Nouveau architecture and revel in tales of a glorious past. Nearby, Murcia and Alicante boast astonishing histories dating back to Roman times.

Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

Roman Theatre and Museum
Journey to Murcia
Alicante and Cartagena

If you love the ancient past, we recommend opting for a Cruise excursion to Cartagena to visit the spectacular Roman Theatre — a semi-circular construction that can seat 6,000 spectators, built between 5 and 1 B.C. The museum, which houses a collection of archaeological remains, is sure to delight history buffs. Afterwards, enter the residential House of Fortune for a panoramic view of Roman daily life. Finally, arrive by coach at the Cartagena Archaeological Museum for a fascinating glimpse into history. Admire a great selection of ancient relics including tools, sculptures, epigraphs, and ceramics.

Choose a Cruise excursion to Murcia for an authentic Spanish experience. You’ll journey along the rugged foothills of the Sierra de Carrascoy mountain range to reach this 9th-century jewel of a city. Murcia’s Moorish beginnings can still be seen in the remains of its ancient wall, while the city’s churches are a testament to its Christianisation long ago. Here, admire the Monastery of the Virgin of Fuensanta, a Baroque gem with unforgettable views of the countryside. Next, see the elegant Casino and its ornate façade and the 14th-century Saint Mary Cathedral.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable Cruise excursion to Alicante and Cartagena, two historical Spanish port towns. Arriving at the summit of Mount Benacantil, you’ll appreciate picture-postcard views of the city and the 9th-century Santa Bárbara Castle. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around Alicante and discover the vibrant old quarter and palm-fringed waterfront. Then, journey to Cartagena, a town dating back 2,500 years, to see the beautiful harbour and historical landmarks.


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