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Bar – Montenegro

The Adriatic Sea and a blue-hued mountain range sandwich southerly Bar. The town itself is dominated by a working waterfront. Just up the road lies picturesque Stari Bar. Once the original Bari, it’s still filled with the time-worn leftovers of everyone from the Byzantines to the Turks. Head over the mountains and you’ll find the mammoth Lake Skadar.

Exploring Stari Bar is a must-do. The ruined town is stocked with the toppled ruins of Byzantine churches, mosques, Turkish baths and aqueducts. Follow the signs for a self-guided tour.
Lake Skadar National Park is less than a half-hour drive away. Nature-lovers will be in their element thanks to the head-turningly beautiful scenery.
The long beach in Sutomore is less than a 15-minute drive away. It’s shadowed by a promenade lined with cafés, restaurants, boutiques and bars.


Old Bar & Bar Walking Tour
Bar’s homonymous old town is spotlighted on this day out. After a drive through the rolling countryside, towards the foothills of the Rumija Mountain, you’ll land in Stari Bar. The old town is a living museum, and highlights include the ruined castle of King Nikola, and the crumbling remains of a 14th-century church. Later on, you’ll drive towards Bar’s famous olive tree, which has been standing for more than 2,000 years. A call-in at a museum housed in the palace of King Nikola is on the cards, too. Step inside, and you’ll spot the Montenegrin crown jewels, as well as weapons, photos, and a library of 10,000 rare books collected by the king during his reign in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Skadar Lake Cruise
This is your chance to spend the day cruising on Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans, which spans the Montenegro-Albania border. After a quick briefing, you’ll board an open-sided boat and head out through the lily pads and onto the open water. The route takes you past lakeside villages and islands that house Medieval churches and monasteries. Keep your eyes peeled while you’re onboard, too, because the lake is home to more than 260 species of birds, including the rare Dalmatian pelican. After you’ve made it back to dry land, it’s on to the nearby village of Virpazar, where you’ll be treated to lunch – fresh fish from the lake comes highly recommended.

Podgorica – Montenegrin Capital & Wine Heritage
Today’s tour twins a trip to the capital city of Montenegro with a lesson in the production of the wine that this region is known for. You’ll stop off at a winery that belongs to Montenegro’s biggest producer of plonk, where you’ll spot some of the 11 million grapevines that are weaved throughout its 2,310 hectares. Delving down to the cellar, 100 feet underground, you’ll sample some local nibbles and a trio of the vineyard’s famous wines. Afterwards, it’s on to the country’s capital, Podgorica. Here, the tour turns towards the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. Only finished in 2013, this huge holy site is famed for its stunning architectural design and artistic interiors.

Bar is a historical coastal town that stretches over a peaceful valley crossed by a 16th century stone aqueduct, built during the Ottoman Empire.
Breathtaking mountains, sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters surround this charming Mediterranean Cruises destination. Discover old town ruins, an olive tree dating back 2000 years, and King Nikola’s Palace. Bar is also a gateway to remarkable locations including Kotor, Ulcinj, Lake Skadar, and the Haj Nehaj Fortress.

Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

Old Bar and Old Ulcinj
Kotor Old Town
Lake Skadar

Take a fascinating Cruise excursion from Bar to the former pirate town of Old Ulcinj, where you’ll visit a castle-like medieval settlement. See the impressive Balshic Tower, the Venetian Palace, and the former Slave Market. Continue your excursion to the ancient walled town of Stari Bar and discover intriguing hilltop ruins that unite Oriental and Mediterranean architecture. After browsing the souvenir shops and taking in the local restaurants, discover Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts, and the Bishop’s Palace.

Select a Cruise excursion and experience the fortified town of Kotor, a medieval city dating back to 1000 BC. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kotor offers numerous landmarks, mountain and bay views, and a rich cultural history. Discover the 12th-century Saint Tryphon Cathedral, the Maritime Museum, and the Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas. Before you return to Bar, shop local products, grab a bite to eat, or explore more of the town’s achingly beautiful areas.

Book a scenic Cruise excursion to the gorgeous village of Virpazar and discover the pristine beauty of the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake Skadar. Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status, this phenomenal body of water is a protected national park. Its abundant shores, coves, peninsulas, and capes offer sanctuary for rare species of birds and fish, making it an unmissable stop for nature lovers. While you’re there, sample delicious local foods, wines and juices at a gastronomic tasting.


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